BYGONES (suspense drama)
1M/1F; 2-4 minutes
Candace just wanted a drink before she boards her flight. She didn't expect to see Dieter, especially because she has a restraining order against him which he doesn't seem to care about.

CONSOLATION (solo, dark comedy)
1F; 2 minutes
Melanie is wet. Her wrists are bandaged. All hope is lost.
Today has indeed been "like, the second worst Valentine's Day ever!"

ESCALATOR TO THE GALLOWS (monologue, dark comedy)
1F/1M-(non-speaking); 2-3 minutes
Fedora must be honest with Erland about why she wants to break up, especially now since it seems like he's about to hang himself.

3F/2M; 2-4 minutes
Barbie is trying to convince Annabel that her (Annabel's) boyfriend Vlad is a vampire. Annabel thinks Barbie is jealous because she (Barbie) is still woefully single. Clearly, Annabel doesn't see what's going on behind her. It's awful.

2M/1F; 5-6 minutes
1930s. A train is stopped in the desert. The engineer has found a top hat. It belongs to a man who was murdered, thrown off the train in a brutal fight. The dead man's wife arrives with orchids to lay down for her husband and a revelation about the murder.

UP ON A ROOF (comedy-drama)
2M/1F; 5 minutes
Hal has stepped away from the party. His best pal Robbie's girlfriend, Gemma, has found him. Gemma questions whether she's made the right choice between the two.
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