a romantic drama


When Harry Wallace, a lonely 45 year old architect meets and falls for Jim Bennett, a sexy young college student, he sees his dreams come true until a shocking revelation about Jim causes their seemingly perfect motion picture romance to implode. As the ensuing public outrage leaves Harry a pariah within his community and his family, Jim attempts to repair the damage caused by his betrayal.

90 minutes, no intermission

“Sickles nails the complexities in this relationship in such
a powerful way... There is something for everyone in the
audience to draw from; whether you are gay or straight, it
is very relatable.”

~ Gregory G. Allen, Huffington Post

“Playwright Scott C. Sickles creates an intriguing,
surprisingly believable study of human behavior...just about
any audience member will find something with which to

~ Ronni Reich, Back Stage

“Sickles takes a potentially controversial topic and crafts a
beautiful story of a doomed romance. Like the old movies it
references, Casablanca chief among them, Moonlight & Love
shows that love often demands sacrifice to become

~ Byrne Harrison,