a romantic drama


Lawrence is on the rebound. His best pals -- ex-lover Niles and devout virgin Briony -- can only provide so much comfort. Then in walks Allan, a handsome attorney who whisks him away from his problems... and soon begins to separate Lawrence little by little from the people and things he cares about.

Allan's plan to control Lawrence starts to backfire when Lawrence reveals himself to be a stronger person than the heartbroken sad sack he was the night they met.

But is Lawrence strong enough?

90 minutes, no intermission

"Hairdresser on Fire ... unfolds with the ease of an episode of "Seinfeld" but ends 90 minutes later the way Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? would if written by Larry Gelbart instead of Edward Albee. ... a lively engaging piece about the downward spiral of relationships that begin with a power imbalance. It's also about the particular courage it takes to assert one's self in the face of the possible loss of love."
~ Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette