APPETIZERS, or "On an Island Somewhere" (drama/sci-fi)
Alice and her husband host a farewell party of wine and hors d'oeuvres celebrating Tamara and her husband moving back to the Mainland after years on the Island. But why are they all there in the first place? When will they all be allowed to leave?

A recently deceased gay man encounters his long-lost sister in the afterlife. But instead of offering guidance, she needs his help reaching out to the mother she left behind. However, the animosity between their mother and the man's lover may prevent any communication between the living and the dead.
This play in included in the anthology Demon Bitch Goddess.

THE BEDROOM SUMMIT (coming-of-age drama)
2M/1F (off-stage voice)
Boyd has been on the run from bully Justin all day, so when he finds Justin waiting for him in his bedroom... But Justin's not there to hurt Boyd. He has something quite different in mind.

Gideon is meeting his half-brother Augie. They've met only once before, at their father's funeral... a father who kept two families at the same time. Gideon thinks he knows what Augie wants. Gideon is wrong.

HAND ON HEART (comedy-drama)
Davey has a question he really wants to ask Marcella. She, however is busy trying to save the life of a suicide bomber whose device merely shorted out and knocked him unconscious. Still, she wants Davey to keep talking to her while she performs CPR on a man with explosives strapped to him. The morning is not off to a good start.

#BASTILLE (comedy, satire)
Flynn has been fighting the power with words, words, words, while Rory has decided to take action! However, it turns out there's a right way and a wrong way to use social media in the name of revolution.

HEART OF A WOMAN IN A PRESSURE COOKER: a journey in eight notions
by Ephrym Justyce
(avant-garde send-up)
1M/3F (plus one narrator of any gender)
Sherize just wants to be loved. Or does she? What is her Mama mixing in that bowl? Is Jade her brother or her sister? And who is that naked Man?

I KNEW IT! (comedy)
Francesca, wife of a music superstar, discovers a fellow rock-and-roll wife sneaking out of her husband's bedroom. She thinks she knows what's going on. She doesn't.

Another Scott Sickles play about love and the apocalypse.
A meteor has ignited the atmosphere. As the fire gets closer to annihilating them and all life on earth, Lars wants to have end-of-the-world sex with Benno... who for various reasons isn't in the mood right now.

MIRACLE AND HER MINION (comedy, coming-of-age)
Fourteen-year-old self-taught witch Miracle is preparing to cast a love spell. Her classmate and minion, Bud, is helping but harboring his own agenda. Will he foil Miracle's plan to capture the heart of the boy she loves?

2 actors (gender-neutral casting)
Lane, an award-winning film writer of film scores, returns home from the hospital after a car accident: memory intact but no longer able to compose. Lane's former love and dear friend Vaughn does everything possible to inspire Lane to reconnect with music and their past.

THE OPEN WINDOW (ghost story)
2M/2F; 10 minutes
A highly strung man has been sent to a countryside estate to calm his nerves. He is not prepared for the history of the house... or for the young girl who tells it!
Based on the short story by Sake (H.H. Munroe), in the public domain

THE OTHER HALF (avant-garde)
1M/4F/2N; 10 minutes
A surgeon must separate twin girls conjoined at the chest, sharing one heart. As the surgeon decides which girl will live and which will die, s/he imagines the impact this decision will have on the family and the surviving twin in a flash-forward memory play.

OUTPOST (science fiction drama)
3N; 10 minutes
At the edge of the Milky Way, Dale has just been brought out of statis to discover the outpost is abandoned and an mysterious organism has almost finished consuming the galaxy. Things are not looking up.

2M/2F/1N; 10 minutes
Chicago, circa 1886. Wealthy businessman Potter Palmer and his wife Bertha have surprise guests for dinner, the sculptor Auguste Rodin and his life partner Rose Beuret. Dinner is late, they are famished, but when Rodin is inspired to create art, everything else must wait!

2M/3F including 1 boy and two girls (unless you cast adults)
A woman on a train has trouble controlling her unruly nieces and nephew until the man in the compartment offers to regale them with a story... that may not be entirely appropriate for children.
Based on the short story by Sake (H.H. Munroe), in the public domain.

Collin used to have a crush on Barney when they were in high school. Now, they've run into each other first the first time since... thirty years later... at the cemetery.
They have a lot of catching up to do.
Available in The Best American Short Plays of 2015-2016

VIRGINS (comedy)
It's sweet Bonnie's wedding day and she's got last minute cold feet, so her sexy sister Savannah has been called in to find out why. Bonnie and Savannah reveal their secret anxieties about love, men, and the nature of experience.