a romantic satire or satirical romance


Psychologist Margot Welles is taking a "sabbatical" from her marriage to explore her "untapped feminine potential" by giving lesbianism a whirl. Hoping to make Margot jealous, her husband Phillip, a philosophy professor, starts dating the lovely Antonia... a much older woman. Margot and Philip both employ their best friend Brighton, a romantically disadvantaged film professor, to keep one another posted... but Brighton's "gay best friend" duties are waylaid when his former student Nick begins to court him out of the blue. Mayhem ensues.

2 acts; 120-130 minutes

" know the playwright has potential. ... Mr. Sickles’s zingy dialogue sparkled..."
~Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

"Romantic screwball comedy is alive and well... Intellectuals is a refreshing reminder of how fun good theatre can be... several surprising twists and turns...
~ Michael Criscuolo,

"Some people are just too smart for their own good. That’s bad for them, but it’s great for the audience of Intellectuals. ... Sickles’s dialog is witty and crisp, and the jokes zipped by, one on top of the next. ... a lot of fun indeed."
~ Byrne Harrison,

Available in Smith & Kraus's NEW PLAYWRIGHTS: BEST PLAYS OF 2007, edited by Lawrence Harbison as well as in its own solo edition.