A contemporary comedy of manners about the things we keep from the people we love.


From the Top examines (roughly) the same half-hour from three different perspectives as the characters prepare to leave for a special event:

In Act One, young actor Edmund arrives with his new boyfriend Paddy. He’s seeking an audience with his mentor and dear friend Brandon, a highly regarded theater director. His attempts to have a private moment with his friend are blocked by Irene and Calvin, an actress/playwright couple who appear to be running interference. Edmund eventually has the heart-to-heart he’s been longing for, but what’s wrong with Brandon?

In Act Two, moments before Edmund and Paddy’s arrival, Irene tries to break up with bewildered Calvin. They discreetly negotiate the chaos going on around and in between them, ultimately confronting the fate of their relationship.

In Act Three, Brandon lets Irene and Calvin in and informs them that he’s invited Edmund to join them. He dismisses their concerns at first, but after Edmund’s arrival, Brandon must navigate his own mounting heartbreak.

90 minutes, 3 short acts, no intermission.

" From the Top deserves a long life, though hopefully it will be ensconced on the New York stages for a long time to come, an ideal destination for audiences seeking a witty and intelligent modern comedy of manners."
~ Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway