THE ANTIQUE SHOPPE (comic romance)
2M/2F; 20-25 minutes
Hilary is attending to her retirement home's spring dance to listen to music... by herself! Flirtatious fellow resident Jack has other ideas... 

3M/2F; 30-35 minutes
During the summer of 1978, Bobby "Badger" McCandless and Ephraim "Frame" Siebert were best friends. Today, after Bobby's funeral, Ephraim meets his childhood bestie's widow Mary Kate. As she reminisces over her life with Bobby – from being junior high school sweethearts through raising a family while taking care of his caustic mother – Ephraim relives his friendship with "Badger": their summer of exploration and adventure from its humble beginnings to its abrupt end.

CASSIOPEIA (comedy-drama)
1M/2F; 15-20 minutes
Angela, a 70-year-old developmentally challenged woman, is marrying Roy today!
Everything is going great until younger sister Beatrice arrives... and she is not happy!
This play is also part of the trilogy Demon Bitch Goddess.

3M/3F; 15 minutes
A young man is torn between two worlds: an apocalyptic hellscape and a bucolic psychiatric hospital. But which of these is actually reality?
This play is a truncated, gay adaptation of my play Sugarplum (see below).

1M/1F; 15 minutes
Seventy-year-old documentary filmmaker Istvan is about to interview his next subject — his school-hood girlfriend Magda, now a retired teacher — about the day one of their classmates vanished in a freak snowstorm. Reflecting on this long-ago tragedy forces Magda to confront who she's become and why.

2F; 20-25 minutes
Glynnis and Marie-France are digging a hole in Lavinia Fowler's garden. They are not planting vegetables. This is a gothic tale of small-town extortion and revenge.

2M; 30 minutes
An aging German immigrant's request to finally learn to read and write in English is met with unexpected resistance from his schoolteacher son.
*Winner, Outstanding Play, 1995 Pittsburgh New Works Festival*
This play in included in the anthology Demon Bitch Goddess.

HOLIDAZE (satirical comedy)
3M/2F; 30 minutes
Joshua, a gay Jewish man from NYC, and his Irish lover Philip are having guests over for Christmas: Joshua's southern belle ex-wife Charlotte, their activist son David, and David's new significant other who... well... they're expecting a boy, but...

I’D FOLLOW YOU ANYWHERE: a Solaris story (science fiction)
Above the planet Solaris, Emery has just spent the loveliest day with River who is quite literally the Person of Their Dreams.

THE INTERIOR (solo, horror)
1 M/F; 25 minutes
Skylar Chapin does not to well outside of big cities. Stranded in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest after a plane crash and possessing next to no survival skills, Skylar tries to make it back to civilization... only to discover an even greater danger. This is a solo play that can be performed by an actor of any gender or race within a wide range of ages.

2M; 25-30 minutes
A year after their breakup, a closeted Formula One race car driver tracks down his ex who is immersed in his own family crisis.
This play in included in the anthology Demon Bitch Goddess.

MEDUSA (comedy)
1M/1F; 25-30 minutes
Mavis and Thor are two senior citizens out on a first date.
Thor is a perfect gentleman, but that might not be what Mavis wants.
This play is also part of the trilogy Demon Bitch Goddess.

2M; 15 minutes
Rupert is a wildly successful corporate sell-out. Linus is a washed-up journalist who has never recovered from his fall from grace. They're having one last breakfast together before parting ways... maybe forever?

murmurs (light coming-of-age drama)
2M; 20-25 minutes
Ex-jock Jason has invited his physics lab partner Les over to watch the 1977 Pittsburgh Pirates home opening on TV. Unbeknownst to Les, Jason hopes they have more in common than baseball...
Published and licensed by Samuel French, you can purchase the play here.

PANIC (experimental satire)
2M/1F; 15 minutes
Three scenes use identical dialogue to explore prejudice and preconceptions in homophobia, misandry, and anti-black racism. Inspired by the Bernard Goetz shooting.

POPCORN (coming-of-age comedy)
2-3M/1-2F; 10-15 minutes
Straight-laced Kip just wants to watch Nigella's cooking show, but scruffy Stan won't stop ribbing him about it. Things turns physical... really, really physical.
Note: 2M and 1F appear on stage. 1M and 1F are off-stage voices – the F is Nigella!

SARCOPHAGUS (comedy-drama)
1M/1F; 30 minutes
Cleopatra encounters Robin Hood at a Hollywood party. She's actually a fading actress and he's a struggling assistant in this delicate comedy of acceptance and perception.
"Sickles weaves a snug little story filled with nuance, clever contradiction and hope..."
~John Hayes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
This play in included in the anthology Demon Bitch Goddess.

2M; 15-20 minutes
A long time ago, Kenneth though he killed a demon in this room. Then he found out it was a hallucination. Today, he's back in the room for the first time since he lost his mind. Once again, he's not alone.

1M/2F; 25 minutes
Disgraced Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson is in hell... literally and figuratively. Her current torment is being forced to rehearse a Nativity play (with loads of puppets!) with Lucrezia Borgia and the Devil. Revelations and confessions ensue.

SUGARPLUM (horror)
3M/3F; 20-25 minutes
Rayanne wakes up in a hospital where she's told the apocalyptic nightmare she's been living was actually a hallucination. Soon, the line between her realities begins to blur.
As mentioned above, this was truncated and adapted into Danced in their Heads.

TACTILE CREATURES (romance/ghost story)
3 actors/any gender combination; 15-20 minutes
Recovering from a breakup, Aubrey moves into a studio apartment only to discover that the residence is occupied... by a ghost. A romance about loneliness in the aftermath of love, both requited and not, and the importance of contact.
NOTE: the characters have not been assigned any age, race or gender; those decisions entirely up to the production!

THALASSA (drama)
1M/1F; 15 minutes
On the shore of the Mediterranean, a young woman spots a man about to take a one-way walk into the deep blue sea. Can she save him? Can they save each other?
This play is also part of the trilogy Demon Bitch Goddess.

2M/1F; 20 minutes
Sarah is approaching 50, alone and lonely, and she just lost her father whom she had been taking care of for the last several years. As the funeral procession waits for her outside the church, she meets a handsome stranger dealing with loss of his own. Despite the circumstances, will their connection light a spark?

WINTER HARBOR (period drama)
3M/1F; 30 minutes
One February day in 1935, Clinton "Buster" Dalzell – assistant lighthouse keeper at Egg Rock Light – kissed his pregnant wife Elizabeth goodbye, left to run an errand... and disappeared. Unable to join in the search, Elizabeth must stay strong for her young sons as she hopes for her husband’s safe return.